Thursday, February 26, 2009

Workshop: Concentration and Memory

I went to the workshop on “Concentration and Memory” in the tech pride room this week. This workshop was really interesting and went through studying habits that will enable you to concentrate better. The speaker made us take thirty seconds and circle all of the E’s on our paper. We did this and she pointed out some of the habits that relaxes us and helps us concentrate. Some students had twitches or foot taps that make them focus, while other students sat perfectly still and hammered out the task. The speaker also gave us a question form with questions like: Do you start you work as soon as you sit down at your desk? These questions helped her know what kind of concentration we have and what easily distracts us. Many people listen to music when they study, and some cannot stand it, like me. The speaker also really focused on the environment in which we study and how it greatly influences our concentration. Television, facebook, and phone texting are very popular examples of distraction. The handout we received went through four key ways to concentrate, they were: be organized, be physical, be clear, and be smart. It is good to take breaks when studying and to use mnemonic devices to help you remember information. I find that mnemonic devices are great and help me the most with remembering information. This workshop gave great pointers and really helped me out. I really suggest for anyone to attend these free workshops for many reasons. One, they are during dead hour so you have some free time to go. Also, they are free and offer excellent information that simply betters you as a person and makes you that much more intelligent.

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