Friday, February 13, 2009

skin is skin

After reading both essays I noticed a definite pattern. In society today there is an apparent, yet unspoken about power/ranking/order of people based on both sex and race. White males rule above all peoples and white people have advantages over colored people. It is unspoken about, and most consider it rude or “crossing the line” if woman point out men’s over apparent power in society. Men work to support the family and while most women work, they are still left to pick up the pieces of the household (cleaning, cooking, laundry, children) while managing their own careers. This is just not fair? Who made these rules? Why haven’t women stepped up for themselves? They have in the past, yet there is not enough support and determination to make a difference. We live in such a follow the norm society where nobody wants to make a scene by voicing their real opinion. Yet, the real unfairness of society today is the unspoken about advantages of white people over colored people. After reading the essays, I was blown away by how much racism there really is in the world today and how even in my life I myself do not see the huge advantages I have as a white person in the United States. When Ms. McIntosh made her list of the daily effects of white privilege I really had to step back and realize the hidden, yet overbearingly apparent advantages I have. Some examples that really stood out to me and I have not even considered previously are the simple fact that “flesh” colored band-aids and cover up are way more accessible to match the color of white people over colored people’s skin. Also, I believe it is very true that when someone asks to talk to the “person in charge” more often than none this person will be white. White people are widely represented everywhere in America from television to music to the newspaper. Whites have more say and more representation over the colored crowd. After reading the essays I am very aware of the everyday racism in our society. I feel like I have been living a lie for my entire life, in which colored people have this negative vibe associated with them that somehow white people learn at a young age and just slowly live with it and don’t even realize what is happening. What gives white people any say over who has power or the advantage? Skin is skin; if you think about it, colored people have just a darker tint to their skin. I really wish there was no separation, that people were people and there was no hidden ranking and prejudices because of skin color. I can wish all I want, but in the end I know deep down there will always be that separation because that is just how it is. It is really sad but our society today will never be able to get over skin colors and racism. It will always be there, just like our skin.

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