Thursday, February 26, 2009

EXPW's Bachelor's Auction: Benefit for Mustard Seed Ranch

I went to the EXPW bachelor auction this week. My major is EXPW Licensure so I found out about it because there were signs posted all around memorial gym. I really wanted to go to this event to see what it is all about. It was really fun to see all the tech boys volunteer themselves for a good cause. There were about fifteen guys and the starting bids were for ten dollars. I ended up buying two guys, my boyfriend, and one of his best friends because he needed somebody to buy him. It was really funny and we all had a good time. It was especially funny to watch and listen to the girls in the audience as new boys were brought in. The highest somebody was sold for was thirty dollars. I think the EXPW club made about two hundred dollars to donate. The cause was for the Mustard Seed Ranch, which is a home built here in Cookeville that has many young children living there with selected parents to take care of them and provide a home and care for the kids. The EXPW majors club is really involved with the Mustard Seed Ranch and not only did they raise money for the home, but they also helped build the home this year. Many students donated their time in framing, painting, and roofing the home. Also, they continue to help out as they donate their time in tutoring the children, or just simply going over there to hang out and be a friend to them. I really thought it was a great idea to have this benefit auction and I know next year I will definitely be involved with helping out with it. EXPW is a really great and fun club to be involved in.

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