Saturday, April 4, 2009

Poem readings

The Love Song by J. Alfred Prufrock was a very interesting poem because I was really confused at its meaning in the beginning, but it all seemed to get explained in the last paragraphs. The man in the poem must remain reserved and polite from the rest of the world because he is an attendant to a high prince. He is only to be quiet and give advice to the prince when asked. He wants to speak out and say his peace and especially tell a girl that he loves her. Yet, he never does but he wonders what would happen and constantly questions himself whether he should speak out or not. It was a good poem and I liked the visual poetry at the end because it gave the poem more feeling as you read with the quickness of text gave the poem emotion. London by William Blake was really depressing and sad because he writes of a person walking down the streets of London in the dead of night and he can hear the fearful and sad cries from people around as if everyone is scared. The last paragraph really grabs the reader’s attention because it talks about a young teenager who must have gotten impregnated and the person can hear the newborns cry and how this is also like a cry from the girl because now she has this baby and a marriage she does not want. I could not get Alison Watkins poems to work and load to my computer, but with her artist statement she really seems to enjoy her poetry and really put herself into her work. I like that she says that she is convinced that poetry must be heard to be complete. She seems very interesting and I want to read her work soon.

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